The Top 10 Farmers’ Markets In the USA

The Top 10 Farmers’ Markets In the USA

Farmers markets offer healthy, sustainable foods that are locally grown and harvested seasonally. Here are a few of our favorites that made our top 10 markets in the country.  Do you have a favorite? Leave a comment and let us know!


1. Chicago: Green City Market

Find everything from organic greens and meat to hand crafted cheeses every Wednesday and Saturday between May and October!

2. New Orleans: Crescent Farmers’ Market

This summer visit NOLA and hit up the Crescent Farmer’s Market! Visit their vendors on any given Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday and take some fresh fruit, artisanal baked goods, and organic meats home! For more information and recipes check them out at http://www.crescentcityfarmersmarket.org

3. San Francisco: Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market 

Image courtesy of Kellans Kitchen.
San Francisco- Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market. (Image courtesy of Kellans Kitchen.)

San Francisco is already a go to destination for travel, so make the most out of your trip and checkout the variety of produce and greens!

4. New York: Union Square Greenmarket

At the Union Square Greenmarket you can find sustainably grown, seasonal produce and wild-caught seafood!

5. Washington D.C: Fresh Farm Markets

While in the D.C, Maryland, and Virginia tri-state area, take the time to stop by the Fresh Farm Market and contribute to the Chesapeake Bay area’s sustainable food movement. For more information on the locations and unique events check them out at http://www.freshfarmmarkets.org.

6. Delaware: Rehoboth Beach Farmers’ Markets

Next time you bask in the sun and play in the sands of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, cook up some healthy, sustainable meals with ingredients found at the Rehoboth Beach Farmers’ Markets. Not only does the market offer seasonal produce, organic meat, and tasty nuts, but they also offer live entertainment and events!

7. Minneapolis: Farmers’ Market Annex

If you are in Minneapolis between May and October, the Farmers’ Market Annex will be your go to place for hand crafted items, local produce, and flowers

8. Atlanta: Peach Tree Road Farmers’ Market

At the Peach Tree Road Farmers’ Market you can pick up local produce while perusing hand crafted jewelry and furniture. Spice up your kitchen and home while in Atlanta!

Atlanta - Peach Tree Roads Farmers' Market. (Image courtesy of Peach Tree Roads).
Atlanta – Peach Tree Roads Farmers’ Market.
(Image courtesy of Peach Tree Roads).

9. Austin: HOPE Farmers’ Market

At the HOPE Farmers’ Market you can attend yoga and cooking workshops, enjoy live music, and shop from local food vendors. Check out their website for their latest events and list of vendors: http://hopefarmersmarket.org

10. Salt Lake City: Downtown Farmers’ Market

Founded in 1922 Salt Lake City’s Downtown Farmers’ Market has been providing entertainment, workshops, and a variety of markets to explore! On Saturday’s check out the Farmers’ Market, on Tuesday explore the Harvest Market, and while you’re at it make sure to peruse the Art & Craft Market.



So, next time you’re thinking about hitting the local grocery store- consider buying locally at the farmers’ market closest to you! Also, check out GoodHouseKeeping’s “6 Steps to Mastering the Farmers’ Market” and read up on Cultivating a Healthy Food System’s “To Reasons to support Farmers Markets.”





About the Author: Originally from Washington D.C, Natasha is an undergraduate at Columbia University. She is currently pursuing an International Relations and Environmental Science track and hopes to study abroad in Paris this summer. When she’s not in the classroom or in the study room of Butler Library, Natasha can be found running through Central Park, exploring NYC, and trying to face time her dog, Buddy.


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