Creating Change That Matters


At Raintees we are passionate about using business as a means to create widespread social and environmental good so when we recently heard about an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist also using business to make a major impact for our planet we were very inspired. Ibrahim AlHusseini spent the past decade as a very successful venture capitalist, but it’s his latest initiative to end our global waste crisis that is truly remarkable.



Between 1960 and 2013 the United States accumulation of municipal waste rose from over 88 million tons to 250.9 million tons and Ibrahim AlHusseini knew that transforming this waste into clean, valuable fuel could transform how we handle waste forever. With highly advanced technology, AlHusseini is dedicating himself to FullCycle Energy Fund – the fund he created that finances and owns projects that convert waste into valuable fuel that can be used to power communities around the world.

AlHusseini saw that by creating socially and environmentally responsible ventures the desire to change the world through investing would grow even greater. “If we can broaden our wealth building exercises to incorporate big problem solving -which happen to be the most profitable anyway – then we can finally blur the lines between philanthropy and investment. And as we all know, we have a lot more capital allocated for investment than we do for philanthropy,” AlHusseini stated in a recent interview.

AlHusseini and the FullCycle team are raising the billions needed to allow Synova’s groundbreaking gasification technology to broadly power communities around the world in a green and responsible way.

FullCycle Energy Fund and their partner Synova have not only implemented gasification in their model, but have also improved upon the available technology that already exists in order create the best results possible and help combat both the environmental and waste problems we face responsibly and profitably. For more information on the work Ibrahim is doing through FullCycle visit http://fullcyclefund.com/ or follow him https://twitter.com/ialhusseini     Google +  and Crunchbase 

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