Holiday Gift Guide Part Two: Fashion, Household, Food and Wine!

In case you have been having trouble finding the perfect gift for the fashionista, homemaker, gourmet foodie, or wine lover in your life our Holiday Gift Guide has you covered! Here at Raintees’ we’ve found fantastic brands and gifts that you and your loved ones will enjoy this season! Part Two: Fashion, Household, Food and Wine Fashion and Household:

Pure HANDKNIT. 4125 Celebrate T- Neck.

Pure HANDKNIT- http://pureandco.com

Pure HANDKNIT is passionate about hand crafted knitwear made from 100% Cotton. Pure HANDKNIT has partneredwith over 4500 female knitters in Chiang Mai, Thailand in order to stimulate the women’s dedication to the knitting tradition. Pure HANDKNIT also focuses on the well-being of the women and offers paid health care and education.  The company is also environmentally conscious and incorporates sustainable practices such as solar powered heat and recycled paper products in their offices. The brand also aims to reduce carbon emissions through replacing airmail with sea shipping. So check out their fabulous knitwear and know that you’re contributing to a brand that is conscious about its environmental and social impact!

Meli Beach- http://www.melibeach.com

Designed in New York by founder Maggie Kombogiannis, Meli Beach swimwear lines are inspired by the Mediterranean healthy, balanced lifestyle.  All of Meli Beach’s swimwear pieces are designed as separates and made from luxurious Italian fabrics and created in the US.  So get ready for your next beach vacation with one of Kombagiannis’ designs!

Meli Beach.
Meli Beach. Island Wrap Bikini Top Sea Cave.


Pelcor creates unique accessories out of cork sin and prides itself on its innovative and sustainable products. Pelcor is based in Portugal and uses cork skin harvested from Portuguese cork oak forests. Pelcor’s products are one of a kind and environmentally friendly, so if you’re in the market for new accessories check out Pelcor online!

Pelcor. Florence Tote.

Body Bark- http://www.bodybark.com

Catherine Poirier’s Body Bark uses MicroModal® of Lenzing Ag, a fabric made from Beech trees’ cellulose fiber, in their designs to give you quality and luxury. Poirier originally envisioned her clothing line to encompass “invisible” design that a woman on the go could comfortably wear under a scratchy wool sweater. Since Body Bark’s conception, the brand has expanded and now offers “visible” and “invisible” top and bottoms. If you’re in the market for a new holiday outfit check out Body Bark’s elegant Crew Neck tops and pair it with their black leggings!

Body Bark.
Body Bark. Black Crewneck.


To maximize your beauty sleep try out Lilysilk’s line of luxurious silk pillow cases! Lilysilk’s products use quality Mulberry silk that are guaranteed to last. If you’re not already sold on Lilysilk’s products (I know I am), be sure to read up on how silk can benefit your hair and skin! Not only will the cellular albumen in silk quicken the metabolism of skin cell, but the smooth surface also allows your hair to move around effortlessly in order to avoid breakage.

Lilysilk. 6 x19mm Terse Silk Pillowcase Bundle.
Boll and Branch.
Boll and Branch. Trimmed Duvet.

Boll & Branch- https://www.bollandbranch.com/?gclid=CNGZgeiWl8ICFeZj7AoddDMA7Q

After selecting your pillowcases from Lilysilk, head on over to Boll & Branch  and check out the companies “brand of fine linens and throws that are made ethically, from only organic materials and sold at revolutionary price points.” Boll & Branch designs all of the products, cuts out the middleman, and offers you luxurious bedding at a more affordable price. The brand also is dedicated to supporting the Not For Sale campaign to protect people from human trafficking (http://notforsalecampaign.org).

Boll & Branch’s mission is to end modern day slavery through creating educational opportunities and providing stable, safe shelter and care for those in need. So check out Boll & Branch’s line of quality bedding and learn more about their charitable campaign.

NIQUEA.D- http://www.niquead.com/home/candles.html

NIQUEA.D is your go to place for notebooks and candles this season! The lifestyle brand has a wide variety of colorful designs that will spice up your life. Check out their Italian leather journals and their line of signature candles. Treat yourself and a friend to their festive Cranberry Clove Votive Candle or their Gingered Sandalwood Classic Candle!

NIQUEA.D. Ginger Sandalwood Classic Candle.

The Juicy Leaf- http://thejuicyleaf.com

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift your friend who loves to  garden, look no further than The Juicy Leaf! In their Venice Beach boutique or on their online site you can find fabulous and eco friendly arrangements to house flowers and succulents. The Juicy Leaf also specializes in Manzanita sculptures and showcases artwork made by LA artists!

The Juicy Leaf.
The Juicy Leaf. Handblown Glass Teardrop Terrarium Kit.

Compendium Incorporated-  http://www.live-inspired.com/A-Year-of-Gratitude-Kit-P1193

Compendium Incorporated’s “A Year of Gratitude Kit” is the perfect way to “inspire 52 weeks of giving thanks.” The kit allows you to express yourself with a weekly thank-you note and also offers tips and tricks to crafting your letter. You can also keep track of your days with their journal. So, remember to give thanks and appreciate those around you!

Compendium Gratitude Kit.
Compendium Gratitude Kit.

Food and Treats: The Crispery-https://www.thecrispery.com

The Crispery is your go to place for delicious marshmallow treats! Their signature Crispycakes are hand made from fresh, quality ingredients! Not only do their enormous Crispycakes come in a wide a wide variety of flavors such as Chocolate Caramel, Cocoa, and Cookies & Cream, but they also have Gluten Free treats! So, check out The Crispery! Treat yourself! Explore all their goodies and for a limited time peruse their holiday collection!

The Crispery Crispycake.
The Crispery Crispycake. Chocolate Caramel Crispy Cake.

Olimila Gourmet Emporium – http://www.olimila.com

Family own and operated, Olimila Gourmet Emporium offers hand- crafted artisan products! Olimila has a wide variety of olive oils, balsamic vinegars, sugars, and items like artisan jams and Olimila Gourmet Pantry goodies. Check out Olimila’s Gift Collection to give that special someone a variety of Olimila’s gourmet products!

Omilia. Artisan Blends.

Quinn Popcorn- http://quinnpopcorn.com/?gclid=CIv36PXk9cECFatj7AodnVwAKA

Quinn Popcorn’s mission is to “clean up microwave popcorn” through eliminating chemically coated bags and replacing them with the Pure Pop that is compostable! Quinn Popcorn also cleans up the microwavable version’s dirty act through offering organic popcorn and rejecting GMO corn and artificial ingredients. So next time you want to whip out popcorn, use Quinn Popcorn and feel good about organic choice!

Quinn Popcorn.
Quinn Popcorn. Butter and Sea Salt.

MotherBees Organic Food- http://www.motherbees.com/collections/food

MotherBees caters to the busy woman who wants to maintain her healthy, natural life style.  When you’re craving kale and quinoa, but don’t have the time to whip up meals, MotherBees is just for you! MotherBees delivers gourmet organic food straight to your door, so you never have to worry about when you will have time to make your next healthy meal.  So check out MotherBees Seasonal Market Soup, Splendid Kale Salad, and much more when you’re in a time crunch!

MotherBees. Splendid Kale Salad.

D’Artagnan- http://www.dartagnan.com

D’Artagan is a gourmet organic meat brand that is “committed to free- range, natural production and sustainable, humane farming practice.” All of D’Artagan’s products, ranging from foie gras, poultry, and pâtés are organic because the brands goal is to bring the farm to the table! So, check out their wide variety of game and treat yourself to their truffle and caviar selection! Also, if you’re in need of some culinary inspiration, D’Artagan has a wide variety of recipes, so you’re holiday meal will be spectacular this year!

D’Artagan. Whole Green Circle Chicken.
Xan Confections.
Xan Confections. 8pc Milk Almond Toffee.

Xan Confections – http://www.xanconfections.com

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Xan Confection’s chocolate goodies! All of the treats are all natural, delicious, and satisfying! Check out their Traditional Chocolates or sweeten some one’s holiday with Jewel Collection! For personalization you can even create your own Chocolate Box and hand pick your favorites!

Shotwell Candy Co- http://www.shotwellcandy.com

Shotwell Candy Co. is a family business that creates authentic, home made caramel in small batches. To satisfy your caramel craving check out the wide ariety of caramels Shotwell Candy Co.  offers like Original Salted Caramel, Bourbon & Maple Pecan Caramel, and many more! Shotwell Candy Co. also takes care of your gifting needs this holiday season and ships caramels to your loved ones with custom notes that are printed on vintage recipe cards.

Shuttle Candy Co.
Shuttle Candy Co. Original Salted Caramels.
Fairytale Brownies.
Fairytale Brownies. Holiday Collection.

Fairytale Brownies- http://www.brownies.com

Fairytale Brownies offers rich, gourmet brownies and treats made with dark Callebaut Belgian chocolate and premium ingredients. Fairtyale Brownies has treats for every occasion, so this season check out the Holiday collection and indulge in gourmet chocolate. Fairytale Brownies has everything from brownies and cookies to their signature Sprite and Morsels!

Grand Traverse Pie Co- http://gtpie.com

In 1996 Mike and Denise Busley’s founded Grand Traverse Pie Company in order to spread their love of pie. Originally GTP Co focused on creating delectable pies that you could either treat yourself to in their boutique bakeries or in the comfort of your own home! However, since it’s founding in 1996, GTP Co has expanded its offerings and now has a wide assortment of treats! You can even stop by one of their 15 café-bakery locations in Michigan and enjoy their breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or request the company to cater your holiday events! For those who want GTP Co’s delicious treats, but can’t make it to Michigan you can easily order online! So, try out their staple Cherry or Apple Pie (they’re made with locally grown Northern Michigan ingredients!)

Grand Traverse Pie Co.
Grand Traverse Pie Co.  Cherry Pie.

Good Eggs – https://www.goodeggs.com/welcome

When you don’t have time to check out your local farmers market Good Eggs is here to help! Good Eggs allows you to directly shop your sustainable, local food systems all online! If you live in the Bay Area, Brooklyn, LA, or New Orleans Good Eggs Eggs will pack and deliver your purchase for free! Through creating an online marketplace, Good Eggs connects you to all your local food systems! When you shop at these farmers markets you not only invest in your local economy, but you shop smart and eat healthy because all Good Eggs guarantees quality, sustainable choices. So, check them out and go to the farmers market!

GoodEggs. Mermaid's Garden Black Bass.
GoodEggs. Mermaid’s Garden Black Bass.

Frogs Organic Bakery-  http://www.frogsorganicbakery.com

Frogs Organic Bakery is the first certified Organic French Bakery in the US, so what’s there not to love? Not only can you order their delicious goods online, but you can also find Frogs Organic Bakery’s goodies at local farmers markets in the Los Angeles area. Jean Luc Labat created Frogs Organic Bakery in order to bring you quality, organic products- Frogs does not use additives or artificials and all of goods are made from their home-grown starter dough. So check out their offerings online, in the farmers market, or at your next holiday get together because Frogs also caters.

Frogs Organic Bakery.
Frogs Organic Bakery.  Organic Sourdough Loaf.

Golden Edibles- https://goldenedibles.com

Golden Edibles offers a variety of gourmet brands, so check them out and treat yourself to their selection of sweets, treats, and dipped strawberries! Gourmet Edibles has special occasion and holiday collections that you can gift to a loved one to brighten their season! Check out their Artisan Gift Baskets and snowman cake pops for some holiday cheer!

Golden Edibles.
Golden Edibles.  14 pc BELIEVE Holiday Gram- Belgian Chocolate-Dipped Oreo Cookies.
John and Kira's.
John and Kira’s. Holiday Lady Bugs 9pc.

John and Kira’s-https://www.johnandkiras.com

John and Kira’s make their chocolate confections with ingredients produced in small family operated farms and urban gardens. Indulge in John and Kira’s whimsical chocolate bees and festive ladybugs, or try out their chocolate cherries and figs. John and Kira’s also offers delicious holiday gifts and stocking stuffers, so everyone can have enjoy the rich chocolate!

Sugaree’s Bakery- https://www.sugarees.com/Default.aspx

When you are feeling nostalgic about Southern baked goods, or when you want a bite or coconut cake, Sugaree’s Bakery is the place for you.  This Mississippi small batch bakery focuses on creating the moist, flavorful homemade cakes of your childhood. Sugaree’s Bakery ships their cakes straight to you, or if you are in the area stop by historic downtown New Albany and grab a slice there! Go online and check out all their flavors, but if you can’t choose between their caramel, strawberry, or chocolate options, try the Sampler Cake and enjoy all the flavors!

Sugarees Bakery.
Sugarees Bakery. Caramel Cake.
Monica's Gourmet Cookies.
Monica’s Gourmet Cookies. Monica’s Best Signature Chocolate Chip.


Monica’s Gourmet Cookies- http://www.monicasbest.com

Monica’s Gourmet Cookies offer clients hand-crafted batches of delectable cookies in a variety of flavors. They offer everything from Monica’s Best Signature Chocolate and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip to Ice Lemon cookies and festive Iced Peppermint. So, check out their award wining batches and treat yourself this season!

Primitive Feast- Primitive Feast- http://primitivefeast.com

Primitive feast uses all natural ingredients because they believe in healthy and clean eating. All of Primitive Feast’s products are gluten- and refined sugar-free and they do not use GMO crops or chemical stabilizers and additives in their dishes. You can find Primitive Feast’s healthy entrees at the Melrose Place Farmers Market every Sunday from 9am-2pm and at the Brentwood Farmers market each Sunday from 8am-2pm or you can find them online! So try out their Indian Spiced Chicken or Red Pepper Sauce and enjoy your healthy meals!

Primitive Feast.
Primitive Feast.  Indian Spiced Chicken.

ConfeXion Cupcakes- http://www.confexioncupcakes.com

ConfeXion Cupcakes, Champions of the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, offers gourmet cupcakes made from natural ingredients like farm fresh dairy and pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract. All of the cupcakes are made in small batches and everything from the frostings and caramels to fillings are specially made in the bakery. Owners (and Aunt and Nephew duo) Vandy Altounian and Anthony Valerio offer a variety of cupcakes, cookies, brioughnuts, brownies, pastries, and couture cakes! So order online and try out their salted caramel, coconut, mocha, Nutella, and smores cupcakes-be sure to check each month’s menu for all of the delicious flavors!

ConfeXion Cupcakes.
ConfeXion Cupcakes.

Golden Door-  http://goldendoor.com

Golden door is a luxurious resort that is “designed to empower [their] guests to reposition themselves at the center of their own lives by tending to their bodies, their minds, and their spirits.” To bring a little bit of Golden Door’s empowering spirit into your home, check out their food options online so you can eat healthy and feel great! Blog3_Part2_GoldenDoor1Blog3_Part2_GoldenDoor2

Apothic Red and White Wine.

Apothic Red and White Wine- http://www.apothic.com/wine.php

After studying the interactions between alcohol and sugar and spending four years researching the relationship between oak barrels and wine at Gallo, winemaker, Debbie Juergenson, decided to craft rich wines with fragrant aromas and intense flavors. Jurgenson’s Apothic Red is a blend of Zinfadel, Surah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. This blend gives Apothic Red a dark and spicy fruity flavor with, a hint of rich vanilla and mocha.  Apothic White is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Riesling is fruity, medium bodied wine. Apothic Wines notes that the Pinot Grigio packs an extra peach and apricot punch to the blend. So, when you’re trying to find the right wine to pair with your holiday meal, try Apothic Red and White! You can order online via The Barrel Room!

William Hill Estate Winery. Coastal Collection.

William Hill- http://www.williamhillestate.com

Since 1978 William Hill Estate Winery, located along the Silverado Bench, has offered a variety of exquisite blends! The William Hill Estate offers a taste of California in the form of a North Coast Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon and a Central Coast Merlot in their Costal Collection. If you’re looking for an intense flavor and expressive wines try their Napa Valley Collection. You can order their wine online or even experience the William Hill Estate Winery through a wine tasting. If you fall in love with their wines you can also join their Wine Club!

Red Rock Winery- http://www.redrockwinery.com

Red Rock Winery uses exquisite California grapes to create their smooth, fruity blends. Red Rock Winery offers a 2010 Reserve Merlot, Malbec, Pinot Noir, and Winemaker’s Blend so you have a variety of quality blends to choose from!  Red Rock Winery prides itself on the harmony of its Winemaker’s Blend because it is delicious and  “an excellent match for a wide range of foods.” If you’re having trouble finding the perfect wine-meal combination Red Rock Winery also offers easy to follow recipes and wine suggestion on their website! So check them out online, in store, at a restaurant table near you.

Red Rock Winery.
Red Rock Winery. Winemaker’s Blend.

Mac Murray Ranch- http://www.macmurrayranch.com

Mac Murray Ranch, rooted in the Russian River Valley, has a fine, critically acclaimed collection of New World Pinot Noir wines. Mac Murray Ranch also crafts Pinot Gris and Chardonnay that reveal the rich fruitiness of the vineyard. The blends are made from Mac Murray Ranch grapes and lush fruit from refined California wineries. Try out their Russian River Valley Pinot Noir or the Winemaker’s Block Selection and pair Mac Murray Ranch’s wine with one of their recipes!

Mac Murray Wines.
Mac Murray Ranch Wines. Pinot Noir.

Louis M. Martini- http://www.louismartini.com

Louis M. Martini has blended rich Cabernet Sauvignon wines for over 75 years from Sonoma and Napa county vineyards. This year explore Louis M. Martini’s offerings and indulge in their dark and aromatic 2011 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon for a dark fruit and cedar flavor. You can also experience the 2011 Lot No. 1 Cabernet Sauvignon, which is crafted in the brand Cellar 254 micro winery.  Or, if you want to pair luxurious wine with your holiday desert check out their Port. All of Louis M. Martini’s wines can be found online, or if you can stop by the winery in St. Helena, CA and enjoy a wine tasting!

Louis M. Martini Wines.
Louis M. Martini Wines. Cabernet Sauvignon.

Ecco Domani-  http://www.eccodomani.com

Ecco Domani, makers of premium Italian wine, offers smooth, balanced Pinot Grigio, Moscato, Merlot, and Pinot Noir. If you have trouble deciding between the cherry aroma and blackberry body of the Ecco Domani 2010 Pinot Noir and the Ecco Domani new 2011 Moscato, Ecco Domani offers helpful “Wine Eduction.” Check out their website to learn more about their wines and also about how to state, store, and serve your Ecco Domani wines. The brand also offers easy recipes, so you know you’re holiday dinner will be a hit with your wine-loving guests!

Ecco Domani Pinot Noir.
Ecco Domani Pinot Noir.

Don Miguel Gascón- http://www.gasconwine.com

Based in the valleys bordering the Andes Mountains in Mendoza, Argentina, Don Manuel Gascón’s Malbec allow you to taste the rich history of Argentinian winemaking. Sip the dark fruity flavors and hint of spicy licorice and chocolate of the Gascón Malbec while you enjoy authentic Argentinian choripán. Check out Gascón wines online and also explore their Argentinian recipes and posts about South American lifestyle and culture!

Gascón Malbec.
Gascón Malbec.

Now that you have read through both Part One and Part Two of Raintees’ Holiday Gift Guide have no fear when searching for the perfect present because in our lists you’ll find the perfect item. While you’re shopping for loved ones, treat yourself- you deserve it!

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