Best Gourmet Food Brands: They’re Good For You Too!

When your sweet tooth hits, drop the unnatural, over processed candy bar. Instead indulge in gourmet confections that are good for you too! Here, at Raintees we’ve rounded up the best gourmet food brands that use natural and healthy ingredients.

1) Coco Bakes – Gluten Free Bakery in LA (http://cocobakesla.com)


Tis the season for Coco Bakes’ ginger bread cakes!

Owner, Coco Kislinger, ditched law school for Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and has come to Los Angeles to share her gluten free and dairy free treats. For those suffering from celiac disease or any degree of lactose intolerance, Coco Bakes’ recipes are the perfect and healthy way to satisfy any sweet craving. Coco Bakes hand mixes all treats in small batches to ensure quality. The Bakery offers everything from double chocolate walnut cookies (priced at 2 cookies for $4.25), to season cakes like pumpkin or ginger bread (each cake priced at $4.25), and special batches of brownies (each priced at $4.50). Coco Bakes’ treats can be found online or at the Brentwood Farmers Market on Gretna Green from 9 am-2 pm and at the Mar Vista Farmers Market every 3rd Sunday of the month from 9 am-2pm. Coco Bakes not only offers delicious gluten and dairy free cookies, cakes, and brownies, but the website’s blog also offers healthy recipes for any meal! 2)Elbow Foods – All Natural Gourmet Food (http://www.elbowfoods.com)

Pasta Gravy

Elbow Foods’ Pasta Gravy is the perfect way to add all natural flavor to your favorite dish!

Family duo, Derek and Kim Glicco, founded Elbow Foods in order to provide healthy gourmet foods made from all natural ingredients. The Glicco’s their family recipes to create their staple Glicco’s Pasta Gravy. Elbow Foods also offers Southern Dippin Ketchup and Glicco’s Arrabiata Pasta Gravy to spice up any meal! The Glicco’s also offer recipes on Elbow Foods to show clients how they can create healthy and fulfilling dishes with their all-natural products. Elbow Foods caters to those who want to eat well and live healthy! They also offer Craftbrewed Dog Treats made from the spent grains of beer brewing to give your beloved pooch a nice treat. To peruse the selection, go to Elbow Foods website or search through their site to find a retailer near you!

3)Kringlela – All Natural Nut Treats (http://www.kringlela.com/)

After Nic Nacz, co founder of Kringlela, witnessed family members sufferfrom diet related illnesses, he and his family decided to create all natural Kringlela Nut Squares for all to enjoy.

Kringlela's Nut Squares come in a variety of flavors that can satisfy any sweet tooth.

Kringlela’s Nut Squares come in a variety of flavors that can satisfy any sweet tooth.

Kringlela keeps the majority of its ingredients in their natural raw form in order to keep beneficial enzymes and nutrients alive. Instead of cooking, Kringlela also air dries all products at low temperatures and soaks all nuts in order to increase good enzyme production. Kringlela Nut Squares come in a wide variety of flavors like Cinnamon Walnut, Cashew Coconut, Chocolate Coconut and many more (each are priced at $6.99). Kringlela’s product can be found on line at their home site or on goodeggs.com. The Nut Squares are also available throughout California at Follow Your Heat (Canoga Park); Viva La Vegan (Santa Monica and Rancho Cucamonga); Earthbar (Sherman Oaks and Gelndale); Vicente Foods (Brentwood). 4)

Food By Emily– Boutique Chocolate and Catering (http://www.foodbyemily.com/)

Chocolate Bark

Food By Emily’s Milk Chocolate Bark is the best treat for any chocolate lover.

Emily Glarner- Chan, began Food By Emily in order to provide organic custom chocolates and unique catering. Food By Emily offers a wide variety of hand made artisan chocolates like white, milk, or dark chocolate bark (each sold for $10) and strawberry of spicy truffles (each sold for $12).  Food By Emily also specializes in “seasonal simplicity” and offers clients the choice to personalize chocolates with ingredients of their choice. Food By Emily can be found at Barsha Wines in Manhattan Beach) or at the Marine Street Café and Gelsons Century City. Order can also be made online and Food By Emily personally delivers to Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, Palos Verdes, Venice, Marina Del Rey, and Santa Monica locations. With all these choices there is no reason to limit yourself to just one! So, check out all the gourmet food boutiques and savor your healthy treats!

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