Best Dried Flowers For Long-Lasting Beauty

Selecting a beautiful flower arrangement is hard enough as it is because of the variety of flower species, colors, and textures. Making your arrangement last more than 7 days? Even harder. So, when searching for the perfect arrangement this fall avoid the hassle of trekking to your local flower shop to find the perfect flowers. Instead, look no further than SummerSweet Boutique and NotJustWeeds dried flower boutiques on Etsy!



Spice up your walls with this rustic arrangement of dried jute, wheat, and pennycress!

SummerSweet Boutique offers one of a kind, hand crafted arrangements and wreaths that are sure to last all season long! Owner, Gaye Sass, plants, grows, harvests and collects the majority of flowers and greens that are used in her unique arrangements. Sass air dries her pieces in order to allow the fresh colors to naturally and vibrantly shine through. SummerSweet Boutique’s antique aesthetic arranges flowers in vintage china and rustic containers for a one-of-a-kind look. Sass not only personalizes each pre-designed arrangement, but she also offers custom flower arrangements.

For a flourish of bright yellow and white this season, this natural hydrangea wreath is perfect for you.

For a flourish of bright yellow and white this season, this natural hydrangea wreath is perfect for you.

SummerSweet Boutique is the perfect place to find your long lasting flower arrangements because they are one of a kind creations that are naturally made. But, don’t keep this boutique your little secret- share with a friend! Sass offers clients the choice to include a sweet note and card to send these unique arrangements as gifts! SummerSweet Boutique’s arrangements are a great gift idea for this fall and winter to let your family and friends know that you’re thinking about them during the holiday season (you also save them the trouble of buying and pitching flowers every week!). NotJustWeeds is also a fantastic place to find vibrant dried arrangements to spruce up this fall season! Owner, Brenda Deming offers a wide selection of handmade wreaths and arrangements. She uses a variety of violet, rose and fuschia hued flowers and also offers unique fall and Christmas designs made from lovely shades of orange and red.

NotJustWeeds' fragrant dried eucalyptus wreath adds the perfect pop of pink!

NotJustWeeds’ fragrant dried eucalyptus wreath adds the perfect pop of pink

Not only does NotJustWeeds beautify your home with arrangements and wreaths, but Deming also offers corsages and boutonnieres for the homecoming and prom seasons. With many custom design options the possibilities are endless! After receiving your dried arrangement from SummerSweet Boutique and NotJustWeeds make sure your flowers last even longer by following these tips: 1) Protect them from the elements! When possible, keep your dried arrangement inside and out of the sunlight in order to avoid color fading. 2) Make sure your flowers stay dust free. Use compressed air, a fan, a duster, maybe even your hair dryer! 3) If you need to store your arrangement: tightly seal the flowers in a dry container. Humidity or heat will cause flowers to decay. Now that you have all these tips and tricks…enjoy fall and embrace the beauty of dried flowers! Both SummerSweet Boutique and NotJustWeeds offer one of a kind designs that appeal to any aesthetic. So there is no need to go on the weekly hunt to your local flower mart to find a new boutique. SummerSweet Boutique and NotJustWeeds have you covered with their natural, long lasting creations!

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