Woodland themed living room ideas

Nature lovers can now embrace the growing trend for woodland themed interior décor by transforming their living rooms into rural retreats.

Woodland design

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Adopting a woodland theme in the living room is a sure way to evoke images of the great outdoors by incorporating rustic finishes, animal prints and natural textures. In order to make the room more authentic, homeowners can experiment with various woodland motifs on wallpapers, cushions, throws or drapes. Common woodland creatures traditionally featured in such motifs include stags, rabbits, hedgehogs, geese or bears. Trees and leaves might also appear in some countryside motifs.

Living rooms decorated in this fashion are usually appealing and welcoming, exuding a feeling of warmth and tranquillity. Done correctly, this theme can give both residents and guests a sense of living amid nature, even in the middle of a busy metropolis.

Creating a woodland themed living room

It is relatively easy to incorporate the woodland theme into any living room. Homeowners can draw inspiration from nature to come up with simple DIY projects to give their sitting rooms an authentic touch of the woods.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

The colour palette

The woodland theme’s colour scheme borrows heavily from hues found in a wooded setting. Homeowners should therefore use the following colours:

  • Warm earth tones. These are the colours of branches and tree trunks. They include muted tans, rich browns, ochre or taupe.
  • Green hues including olive, sage, forest green and emerald. These reflect the colours of leaves, foliage or other plant life found in the woods.
  • Black or grey colours found in stones and rocks.

Individuals can also bring in subtle shades of red, blue or yellow to add a bit of colour to the room.

Woodland designs

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Natural materials

In keeping with this theme, natural materials should be favoured over highly processed ones. For instance, the floors could be made from weathered, unfinished or stained wood while exposed or faux wood beams would be suitable for the ceiling.

Wooden shutters or drapes with woodland motifs can dress the windows while some exposed brickwork would look splendid on the walls.


Since the woodland theme is all about nature and a rustic feel, an eclectic mix of furniture made from different types of woods is preferable to more formal pieces. Individuals can fashion their own tables from reclaimed wood to add character to the room. They can also opt for distressed bench seating in place of chairs.

Those who are unwilling to take this route can choose overstuffed sofas upholstered with natural fabrics. A few statement pieces, such as a fabric armchair or a rocker, can be strategically placed to break the monotony of the room.


The right accessories can add more woodsy charm to the living room. Homeowners can effortlessly reupholster sofa cushions using fabric decorated with woodland designs. Alternatively, they can choose to display their collection of rocks and pebbles in a stoneware dish or bowl placed on a coffee table. The woodland themed living room would also be incomplete without real plants or flowers placed in pots on tables or in corners.

Written by: Dave East

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