Two Amazing Brands Taking Over Home Decor

We love sharing with our readers some of the amazing and fun companies we discover.  Recently, two companies have crossed our path and both feature gorgeous handmade items we completely have gone crazy for.

Wicked Los Angeles

​Photo credit: Wicked Los Angeles

Wicked Los Angeles was created when founders Mark and Samantha searched high and low for a romantic, drippy candle that wouldn’t actually run and make a mess on their wedding day. Unable to find the perfect candle they were searching for, they rolled up their sleaves and made them, one by one, in their kitchen from scratch; Wicked was born!

Wicked Los Angeles

​Photo credit: Wicked Los Angeles

They sell the original ‘Pre-dripped’ candle and a line inspired  by writers of the past with unique, mood-setting names like Blissful + Woe or Despondent + Hope. Check out all of their lovely creations at www.thewickedcandles.com.
White Faux Taxidermy

​Photo credit: White Faux Taxidermy

Another story of love, turned business venture, is White Faux Taxidermy created by founders and animal lovers, Marcos and Paislea. We are wild about their resin casted animal pieces that hang perfectly in a living room, a work-space or in a kid’s room to add fun and whimsy.
Everygirl Fizz

​Photo credit: Stoffer Photography

What we love even more is that they are cruelty free and the perfect humane alternative to putting real animals on the walls. They come in a variety of styles and shapes. Some of the ones we love are their dinosaurs, elephants and sharks. See everything available from White Faux Taxidermy at: www.whitefauxtaxidermy.com


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