Nut Butters We Love

We’re not only passionate about the environment, we’re passionate about living healthy, nourished lives. That’s why we’ve chosen to share with you some of the best nutrient rich nut butters that our team has discovered here at Raintees!

Barney Butter

Photo credit: Barney Butter

One product we love is Barney Butter. Barney Butter was started by a mom as a healthy alternative for her peanut-butter loving kids. It is made from non-GMO premium Californian almonds and contains half the saturated fat of traditional Peanut butter. This gluten-free treat can be enjoyed on its own or combined into some amazing recipes available from their website:www.barneybutter.com.


​Photo credit: Nuttzo

Another product we love is Nuttzo. Each of their 3 flavors blends a unique combination of 7 nuts and seeds, including flax, chia, pumkin seeds and brazil nuts, just to name a few. This amazing product is available in ‘Orginal’ , ‘Power Fuel’, and ‘Chocolate’.

Caring for each other

Photo credit: Project Left Behind

We also love them because in addition to making delicious, energy-packed nut butters, they are supporting orphans around the world through their non-profit organization, Project Left Behind.

Find out more at www.gonuttzo.com and  www.projectleftbehind.org



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