Divers rescue wild dolphin

Marina S. Wing, owner of Ocean Wings Hawaii, Inc. captured on video a wild bottlenose dolphin’s rescue from entanglement. The dolphin had a fishing line tangled between its mouth and left pectoral fin.

Wild dolphin saved

On January 11, 2013, during an Open Ocean Manta Ray Night Dive off the Kona Coast of Hawaii, snorkelers and divers were enjoying watching Manta Rays feed on plankton when a bottlenose dolphin swam into the lighted areas. Dive instructors noticed that the dolphin’s movement was restricted due to a fishing line. They decided to help because of the dolphin’s distressing behavior.

During the rescue the dolphin went up for air, even though the fish hook and line remained in it’s left pectoral fin. The dolphin tried to remove the hook itself by rubbing against a boat, to no avail. The dolphin then allowed the team of divers to remove the line. They were not able to remove the hook from the dolphin’s flesh, but removing the fishing line allowed the dolphin to return to it’s normal range of motion.

This rescue was not completed by lay persons. Instead, professional divers Keller Laros, Masa and Jason Keeffer, who have thousands of hours of experience at this specific dive site completed this compassionate rescue.

Watch the amazing video and see for yourself the compassion and understanding fostered between these divers and this dolphin!

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