Kitchen Karate-Teaching Us To “Win the Fight To Eat Right”


Let’s be honest. How many of us have been tempted to take the easy route and pick something up for dinner on the way home after an exhausting day at work? I know I have.

Kitchen Karate, a radical new approach to home cooking, and it’s amazing founder Casey are here to save the day by teaching us about the common misconceptions of home cooking. It in fact can be as easy and efficient as ordering take out, if you know the right strategies. How easy? Cooking 15 meals in 2 hours. This is Casey’s story.

Growing up on “hot pockets and pop tarts” this creative director in advertising proved that healthy eating was possible for anyone and became the poster child for the saying “if this guy can do it, anyone can.”


Flash back 6 years ago; Casey was about 30 pounds over weight and suffering from the side effects that result from excess weight. Avoiding excessive physical activity and hardly eating anything green, Casey’s life made a drastic turn with some dedication and the help of a few friends. After hiking with his friend Jeff, who is also a personal trainer, Casey was talked into signing up for training lessons and over the course of time was whipped into shape. With good behavior and the help of a nutritionist, pretty soon the sides of fries became sides of salad.

With a new weight and a new lifestyle, Casey was eager for more and began to educate himself in cooking. Hosting dinner parties for friends became a weekly tradition and soon enough Casey’s cooking made its way around the world with all kinds of dishes. Mexican, Italian, Irish, French, Indian- you name it and he made it. Although all these foods sound down right delectable, Casey made the realization that the saying “ ‘eat right and exercise’ starts with “eat right” and perhaps the buttery, cheesy, creamy elements of his food weren’t going to cut it. And with that, Kitchen Karate was born.


Sacrificing flavor and eating the same things over and over again are common struggles that even Casey had. After learning shopping strategies ($90 fresh groceries per week) and how to prepare meals in advance, the idea of Kitchen Karate was created in hopes to teach everyone, even the worst cooks in the world, how to successfully create tons of meals for the week in only 2 hours. Kitchen Karate allows you to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for your entire week, Monday through Friday by teaching you the best techniques real-life chefs use to maximize efficiency, variety, and flavor in your own kitchen.

So thanks to Casey, we can all put down those greasy cheeseburgers or boxes of takeout because Kitchen Karate is here to help us create a variety of meals fit for any diet or allergy restriction with simple techniques, no recipes, and a whole lot of fun.

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