ACEER Foundation: An Organization Changing The World

At RainTees we love hearing about incredible organizations and we are proud to support and partner with the ACEER Foundation.

ACEER works specifically in the central and southern rainforests of Peru to help villages secure safe drinking water.  According to ACEER Foundation President, Roger Mustalish, Ph.D., many villagers rely on river water that is contaminated with pathogens, sediment and toxic chemicals while others have well systems that have failed or are also contaminated. This contaminated water more often than not leads to serious illnesses and death, as well as having an impact on the villages’ economy and preventing children from attending school.

ACEER is seeking to change all of that. In partnership with TriVita, Inc., the foundation has helped to bring safe, clean drinking water to Amazonian villages in Peru through the construction of a deep well in the central rainforest village of Santa Rosa. They have also created a new surface water system in the southern village of Palma Real. Each of these systems costs around $6,000 to install and it provides plentiful clean water for hundreds of families. TriVita has committed funds for building 5 more water systems in 2014, challenging ACEER to match their contribution to develop at least 10 new systems.

Currently, ACEER has invested nearly $11 million in local conservation education in Amazonia, provided 186,800 hours of instruction for teachers, students, scientists and university faculty in Peru, and given more than $1 million for the creation of laboratories, canopy walkways, ethnobotanical gardens and learning centers.

Their AMIGOS Partnership for Education, GLOBE Program, and Fairchild Gardens Challenge Art Contest all continue to involve local students and teachers in support of conservation education. In addition, in 2013 their Reforestation Program with the K’erenda Homat Private Reserve and Leaf Pack Water Quality Research Project, funded by and in association with the Stroud Water Research Center, completed their incredible initiatives and research, leading to further outreach.

Earlier in 2013, the Peruvian government awarded ACEER their top environmental award, The National Award for Environmental Citizenship. This award highlighted ACEER’s AMIGOS Partnership for Education’s Puppet House program, a unique experiential learning program for elementary school children in the Amazon which brings to life a delightful group of rainforest creatures to teach children about threats to the rainforest and how they can actively get involved in saving it.

The 2013 ACEER Legacy Award was also given to Dr. James A. Duke, ethnobotanist and founding board member of ACEER, for his devoted lifelong commitment to ACEER, rainforest conservation, and rainforest botanical medicines. The Dr. James A. Duke Endowed Scholarship for Ethnobotany was created in his honor and will help train the next generation of scientists eager to study and protect the Amazon’s botanical diversity.

“Healthy people and a healthy environment go hand in hand,” says Dr. Mustalish.

Those interested in getting involved with the ACEER Foundation can make any kind of donation at www.aceer.org via PayPal, or by sending a check (please indicate Safe Water on the check) to:

855 South New St., Sturzebecker Bldg
West Chester, PA 19383

100% of the donations will go directly to safe drinking water systems in the Peruvian Amazon.

And why not consider a first hand experience of the Amazon rainforest…up close and personal on one of ACEER’s many workshops? For students university credit is available and additional fundraising opportunities are also available. Learn more and participate in future trips at http://www.wcupa.edu/aceer/workshops.asp.

Help support ACEER’s programs and initiatives by following their progress at www.aceer.org and on their Facebook page.

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