An Unlikely Love Story: Golden Retriever Adopts Abandoned Kitten

When a kitten named Ichimi was abandoned by her mother shortly after birth, there was a slim chance of her survival. Luckily Ichimi found a loving home and a surprising new mother in the form of a male golden retriever, Ponchu.

Because Ponchu lives in a house that fosters kittens quite often, it was probably more of a surprise to Ichimi than anyone else. Never the less, the bond that quickly formed between the two has proven to be no less strong than the bond that forms between a kitten and her real mother. Ponchu never lets Ichimi out of his site, and they can be seen snuggling and playing with each other during all times of the day. They just spent their first Christmas together – the first of many we hope!

Ponchu and Ichimi act as a reminder to us that love can be found anywhere at anytime, and most importantly that love has no boundaries.

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Photos courtesy of: Instagram user shimejiwasabi

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