Hope In A Bottle: The Beverage Company That Puts Adoptable Dogs On Bottles

Written by Ayja Bounous

Kombucha Dog is not your average kombucha company. Located in Los Angeles, Kombucha Dog is the creation of photographer turned kombucha brewer, Michael Faye.  Faye started drinking kombucha in 2005 and noticed the health effects from the fermented tea immediately. He began testing out ways of brewing kombucha, and three years later built his own kombucha brewing factory.

Kombucha dog tea

Unlike most kombucha, which is diluted to lower the alcohol content and filled with added sugars and fruit juice, Kombucha Dog is only for drinkers over 21 (having 0.05% alcohol) and contains nothing but fermented tea and organic cold pressed fruits.  Kombucha is known for being packed full of antioxidants and detoxifying acids, and is a strong probiotic, assisting digestion. Kombucha Dog doesn’t allow any of these health perks to go to waste, creating what must be one of the purest kombucha drinks on the market in creative flavors like ginger, wild blueberry, and mint. (For you mojito lovers – Kombuhca Dog has an online video tutorial showing how to make a mojito using the mint kombucha!)

However, what makes Kombucha Dog truly unique are the labels on every bottle, which feature homeless dogs currently up for adoption at a local no-kill animal shelter. Every flavor is associated with a different dog, and any drinker who wants to adopt a pooch can do so by going to the Kombucha Dog website. Faye takes all of the pictures of the dogs himself, and so far over 30 dogs have been adopted thanks to Faye’s kombucha. The dogs featured on the bottles switch with every new batch of flavors.

Kombucha Daog

It would not be exaggerating to say that Kombucha Dog is the perfect example of what every business should strive to be.  Faye had three passions; photography, kombucha, and dogs.  While they initially seem unlikely to mesh, Faye has managed to successfully combine his three passions into a sustainable business that benefits local shelters and helps stimulate the local Los Angeles economy.  Small business owners should take note of Faye’s efforts and use his company as precedent for how all businesses should be.

Ayja BounousKombucha Dog has been featured in Rachel Ray’s Holiday Hot List, and is currently being sold at local bars, restaurants and markets in Los Angeles, including Curious Palate, Olive & Thyme, Tender GreensHandy Market, and Mohawk Bend. You can even get Kombucha Dog straight from the brewery to your home through AmazonFresh in Los Angeles. For out of state folk you’re out of luck for now, but with how successful Kombucha Dog is it is likely they will be spreading more in the upcoming years, and we certainly hope they do!

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