The Cutest New Friend For Abandoned Baby Foal

Breeze, a newborn foal abandoned by his mother was brought to a Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Devon, United Kingdom by a local farmer. As part of his care, the staff gave Breeze a special companion — a 4 foot giant teddy bear named Buttons.

The two hit it off immediately, proving that when it comes to friendship, all you need is love.

Buttons and Breeze

Breeze naps on Buttons

Buttons and Breeze

Sleeping tight

Written by Kimberley Fowler

Kimberley FowlerKimberley Fowler lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, daughter and two cats. She and her family enjoy spending time at home where they are surrounded by nature. When Kim’s not watching the birds at her feeder you’ll find her at hot yoga, talking literature with her book club, or getting together with friends and family.

Kim has earned an M.A., B.Ed., and an H.B.A., in English. She works in the publishing and internet marketing industries where she has over ten years of experience. She’s passionate about the environment, women’s rights and education. You can connect with her on TWITTER and LINKEDIN.


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