Most Creative Animal Photos Ever

Nancy Rose is a unique and creative animal photographer, whose tame backyard squirrels are just the cutest subjects ever. While the squirrels in my own backyard seem to spend their time in an endless territorial battle over bird feeders, these cute domesticated squirrels are busy doing the tasks that, in all honesty, I should be doing (rather than surfing the internet looking for cute squirrel pictures).

Nancy Rose


Squirrel doing laundry

Squirrel hanging clothes


Squirrel getting mail

Squirrel pushing carriage

Squirrel cooking food

Squirrel BBQing

If, like me, you prefer to put off your own domestic chores, check out Nancy Rose’s Flickr page for more squirrel pics.

Written by Kimberley Fowler

Kimberley FowlerKimberley Fowler lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, daughter and two cats. She and her family enjoy spending time at home where they are surrounded by nature. When Kim’s not watching the birds at her feeder you’ll find her at hot yoga, talking literature with her book club, or getting together with friends and family.

Kim has earned an M.A., B.Ed., and an H.B.A., in English. She works in the publishing and internet marketing industries where she has over ten years of experience. She’s passionate about the environment, women’s rights and education. You can connect with her on TWITTER and LINKEDIN.



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