Try This! What Happens To Bubbles In Freezing Temps…

Getting tired of the freezing cold weather? At Raintees we’re ready to get outside and enjoy the magic and beauty of the winter season. According to David Flemming of RYOT News, that’s just what Angela Kelly and her 7 year old son did.

The two braved the cold and had some fun blowing bubbles outside. With freezing temperatures, these images are the beautiful results of their experiment. What do you think, are you brave enough to venture out of your warm abode and try this with your kids? If you dare, share your experiences with us – leave a comment!

Bubbles in freezing weather

Photos by Angela Kelly

Bubble sunset


Bubbles in sunset

Popped bubble

Written by Kimberley Fowler

Kimberley FowlerKimberley Fowler lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, daughter and two cats. She and her family enjoy spending time at home where they are surrounded by nature. When Kim’s not watching the birds at her feeder you’ll find her at hot yoga, talking literature with her book club, or getting together with friends and family.

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