From New York to LA: Your Go To Bakeries (Feat. Gluten Free and Vegan Delicacies!)

When your sweet tooth hits and you’re craving a treat….look no further than the friendly streets of Los Angeles and New York City!

Here at Raintees we’ve rounded up a selection of decadent bakeries that also offer vegan and gluten free mouth-watering delicacies. So, read up and prepare yourself for these goodies.

Los Angeles is the home of Hollywood, glorious beaches, beautiful people, but more importantly the land of sweet bakeries.

On every corner, you will be sure to find a unique confection that will satisfy your taste buds, and one that is of course Instagram worthy.

Los Angeles

Breakaway Bakery

Breakaway Bakery is the place to go to if you’re looking tasty breads, cupcakes, sticky buns, and cookies! At Breakaway Bakery take a bite or two of their maple, chocolate chip, snicker doodle, and cocoa cinnamon vegan cupcakes. If that’s not your style, experiment with their variety of home-made vegan donuts! One of their specials is a vegan-salted chai caramel (that pairs decadently with any coffee). You can even take home frozen batter or dough to whip up your own treats at home.

Whisk Gluten-Free Bakery

Founded by sisters Lynn and Stephanie, Whisk Gluten-Free Bakery offer decadent vegan and gluten free goods. The sisters have handcrafted unique cupcakes with quirky names that are sure to please.

Try the PB & J (vanilla cake filled with strawberry jam and topped with peanut butter frosting) to relive your childhood, or take a bite out of The Margarita (vanilla cake topped with a tequila lime frosting and a dash of salt) before you hit up happy hour.

Whisk Gluten-Free Bakery also allows for custom orders and will deliver to your door!

Semi Sweet Bakery  

Semi Sweet Bakery, which is located on 105 E 6th Street, serves up fresh home made treats that are in high demand! The bakery opens promptly at 8 am, so be sure to make your way over for their very own crullants! These pastries are the perfect combination of donut and croissant and come in a variety of flavors: original glazed, crème brulee, strawberry and cream, and many more!


Proof Bakery 

Proof Bakery is the place to go French classics- think croissants, pain au pommes, brioche toast… (is your mouth watering yet?). In addition to pastries, you can also find savory quiches and sandwiches to also whet your palate.

Check out Proof Bakery at their brick and mortar store front located on 315 Glendale Boulevard and check out their daily menu!

Sweet Lady Jane

Sweet Lady Jane offers everything from elegantly decorated layered cakes to specialty macaroons (featured right below!) and hazelnut mousse cups!

So, if you’re in need of a decadent cake for an upcoming holiday party, order their festive red velvet layer cake- Or serve up one of Sweet Lady Jane’s Pecan Pies! You can pick up these cakes (check out the energizing cappuccino cheesecake below), and check out biscottis, ruglahs, and lemon bars at the brand’s various locations!

New York City

Blossom Bakery

If you find yourself strolling along Ninth Avenue this chilly winter stop by Blossom Bakery and warm yourself up with a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie or two. Blossom Bakery serves gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip and gluten free chocolate mint cookie, so they have your gluten-free needs covered!

If you’ve fallen in love with Blossom Bakery you can have them cater your next event (all that holiday baking stress will be taken care of)! Blossom and Bakery has a variety of seasonal pies, traditional cakes and cupcakes, and cookie platters that have yummy gluten free options.

Life Thyme All-Natural Market         

Life Thyme is an all-natural market located on 410 Sixth Avenue! Check out their gluten free kosher vegan bakery and pick up an apricot cranberry scone, a tollbooth cookie, or a slice of chocolate cake to brighten up your day. Additionally, you can find delicious options in their juice bar, salad bar, and deli shop!

Peacefood Cafe

Peacefood Café is a vegan kitchen and bakery that serves up freshly prepared macaroons, cheesecake, banana bread, and pies! All of the desert options are egg and dairy free and many of the treats are also gluten free. Peacefood Cafe is located right on 460 Amsterdam Avenue @ 82nd Street and also has a location downtown at 41 E 11th Stree @ University Place!

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