Tips For Eco Chic Travel

The more travelling you do, the more wear and tear your poor old suitcase has to put up with. Cheaper brands tend not to last all that long, so when the time comes to invest in a new suitcase, it could be worth investing in luxury suitcases that not only look fantastic, but also compliment your look.

Eco Friendly Disposal of an Old Suitcase

What happens to old suitcases? Usually they end up in a landfill site somewhere, which isn’t exactly good for the environment. However, there are alternatives. You could donate your old suitcase to a charity shop if it is still fairly functional. Or, you could recycle it into something else, such as a pet bed or storage receptacle. But whatever you do, please don’t throw your old suitcase in a landfill site.

Choosing a New Suitcase 

It’s a tough job finding a suitcase that ticks all the boxes. Like most people, you probably need a suitcase that has lots of handy storage compartments, is not too heavy, and can easily be manoeuvred around a baggage hall when you are running to the check-in desk to catch a last minute flight.

Luxury suitcases are a cut above the rest of the brands in terms of style and quality. If you invest in a designer suitcase, you will end up with a super strong, stylish piece of luggage that does the job. Brands such as Rimowa will not fall apart after a few trips somewhere exotic. Instead they are built to withstand the stresses of long haul travel through multiple time zones, so you won’t have to worry about recycling your old case very often.

Finding the Right Look

What kind of traveller are you? Before you go shopping for a luxury suitcase, think about the type of person you are and what look you want to portray.

  • Young backpackers tend to travel fairly light, often with a couple of changes of clothing and essentials, and that’s it. If this sounds like you, a small, lightweight rolling cabin suitcase is a good choice. Look for a luxury brand in bright, fun colours that matches your chilled-out vibe and hippy pants perfectly. This suitcase will stand you in good stead whether you plan on spending time working in an eco-resort in South America or volunteering at a chimp rescue centre in Indonesia. 
  • Business travellers need understated luxury and plenty of space for their belongings on long, interminable trips to business meetings all over the world. Look for a classic style of suitcase that matches the understated elegance of your business fashion look. Go for classic rather than contemporary.
  • International jet-setters tend to go for glamourous brands because it suits their glamourous lifestyle. Look for high-profile designer brands with lots of bling. Your luggage doesn’t have to match your look because your look changes on a daily basis and besides, you carry so much luggage, it doesn’t really matter anyway

Don’t forget to off-set your carbon usage by planting a tree when you return home. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks!