Corporate Responsibility

    • At Raintees we believe that success that is not achieved ethically is not success at all. We expect all of our partners to meet our standards of integrity, honesty, environmental awareness and stewardship outlined here.

    • Using sustainable fabrics, dyes and materials in our manufacturing process is very important to us. We offer 100% organic cotton options throughout our collections and manufacture locally whenever possible.

    • We believe a happy tribe is a powerful tribe and ensure that everyone on our team can enjoy a safe, inclusive and diverse workplace with development opportunities, competitive compensation and benefits.

    • Our goal is not to reduce our waste but to manufacture in a way that ultimately produces no excess waste. We work directly with our manufacturing teams on all levels and vertically integrate processes whenever possible.

    • To eliminate waste we have created ways of recycling fabric remnants that occur in Raintees production process to be turned into bracelets or other items so excess fabric is not thrown away or destroyed.

    • We are animal lovers at Raintees and ensure that all of our Raintees products are vegan and therefore do not contain animal parts. We also refuse any material that has been tested on or harms animals.

    • Our print marketing materials are created using FSC certified papers and at least 80% post consumer recycled material. We also use sustainable inks and dyes.

    • We work with our suppliers and distributors to ensure that they are adhering to our CSR standards at all times and help them implement more sustainable methods of doing business when possible.

    • All of our suppliers and manufacturers are required to comply with all relevant local and national laws, particularly on: working hours and conditions, health & safety, rates of pay, terms of employment and minimum age of employment.
    • We work with suppliers that have either published social responsibility programs or are certified suppliers such as those that are approved by the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) organization – an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the certification of lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing throughout the world – or are part of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) – a non-profit organization dedicated to ending sweatshop conditions in factories worldwide.

    • We do not knowingly sell products which contain materials known to be hazardous to people and other living things, such as CFCS, Asbestos, Halons, PCBs, Carbon tetrachloride, I, I-Trichloroethane, Tetrachloroethylene, Lead and its compounds, Cadmium and its compounds, Mercury and its compounds, Chlorinated paraffins, PVC, TBT (tributyl tin), and Chromium VI. Specifically, we do not knowingly sell products that are on the State of California Prop 65 List of Carcinogens and Teratogens.

    • Many of our suppliers hold additional certifications and standards such as the Oeko -Tex standard. This standard contains analytical tests for specified harmful substances. Others may hold accreditations to organizations such as EcoCert International in order to establish a product’s genuine Organic status.

    • We offer transparency in our planting and giving programs, sharing where we plant and give, how we plant and give along with updates, facts and statistics on our work. We also invite you as part of our tribe with us on planting and giving trips to experience our giving programs in action.

    • We believe there is always more to learn and more ways to make a difference and we are consistently partnering with environmental experts, scientists, 3rd party consultants and NGO’s on how we can become even more effective at what we do and remain sustainable every step of the way.