Raintees Founder


Beth was 22 when she founded her first company,  launching exclusive European fashion labels across the United States. What she didn’t expect was to discover horrific human rights violations, environmental pollution and child labor throughout the industry. Determined to show that fashion could be produced ethically, without harming people or the planet, Beth created Raintees in 2008.

Today, her vision has become a global brand that has grown hope for hundreds of thousands of people around the world by providing jobs, education and reforestation. While working in remote areas of Central and South America with Raintees partners, she also collected an array of inspirational stories that became her award-winning children’s book, From the Jungle.

Beth’s remarkable journey from fashion runways to saving rainforests has captivated audiences at TEDx, the United Nations, Google, and the National Mall in Washington, D.C. where she has spoken about the power of giving back and creating social change. Beth has also been featured in National Geographic, Glamour, InStyle and other top tier publications.

We can solve our world’s greatest humanitarian and environmental issues by giving every time we buy.

-Beth Doane

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